Our terms of rent are simple and transparent: you must return the motorbike in the same condition you received it. We are very loyal:  even in case of damage (we really hope it never happens though) - we ask no extra fee, no fines or X10 price. Just the real price of the service. You are also completely free to fix everything by yourself if you'd like to. No bad surprises or ripping off scam schemes.  


We ask for a deposit - it can be passport photo + 9000 baht (any currency) or original passport with stamp of arrival.
We keep deposits in a safe box with alarm system - so technically they are in a much better secured and safe place than your bungalow or hotel room.


Depending on our availability, we can offer free delivery to the hotel or transfer to our place near Thongsala (5 min driving from the pier). Remote areas like Haadrin, Baan Kai, Thong Nai Pan are out of our range. We do not rent bikes at the pier also.


We are open daily from 10.00 to 18.00, but please contact us in advance before visiting: we have a lot of offsite work and we may not be there. IMPORTANT: Please note that you can drop off bike  or car during WORKING HOURS only, so if you plan to leave the island early, you must return the day before. 


To make 100% garanteed booking we ask for small prepayment in any convenient way. Otherwise, we will offer whatever is available at the time of your arrival.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us:
we are ready to answer all your questions

+666 222 363 75

How long you would like to rent?

Please make sure you would like to rent for 5 or more days.

less then 5 days 5 days and more

We are very sorry, but cannot help.

Since the rental includes free wash and delivery service - shorter rental period does not cover labor costs and is unprofitable for us. We hope for your understanding.